TV Commercial in Budapest – Arthro Guard

TV commercial produced in Budapest, Hungary for Biotech USA. Let me share a short behind the scenes video of a TV commercial, where I was a DOP and a producer, in September 2020.

Client has approached us with a script one week earlier then the actual commercial shoot. We knew immediately that we had to act efficiently. Arthro Guard is a product we had to represent with this TV commercial, which is targeted for 40 and above age group. There were many challenges before and during the video shoot, firstly we had to find an apartment for this commercial in Budapest. but having a good director and a production manager has helped to solve most of the issues.

When it comes to producing TV ads, it is essential to have special contracts and licensing in place, which our Production manager took really good care of.

Gear Used: URSA G2 – Pocket4K – Sigma Art Lenses 18-35, 50 1.4 – Black promist 1/4
Color Graded In Resolve
Production Crew:
Director: Kőszegi Tamás
DOP: Dato Katamadze
Production Manager: Ágnes Székely

Behind the Scene

TV Commercial

Hungexpo Event video – NNG – Helloevent

The year end party for NNG took place at Hungexpo in 2019 December. Event was organized by Helloevent. One of the key attraction of Hungexpo is the amount of space. Such a huge space brings challenges for filmmakers. It is very challenging to capture variety of shots, from one corner of the place to another. As mentioned before event was organized by Helloevent, who considered the filmmakers challenges and hired us as a 2 member team. Which was a great decision. (They know what they are doing). All in all, video turned out cool. I really like the setup of the whole scene, lighting, colors and the good vibe NNG employees brought to the party.